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Our company, which was established in Konya in 1990, serves as a producer in the milk and food sector. Under the BF-Best Food concept, it operates with our innovative production approach based on service to people and the environment, from farm to plate.


We Know the Value of Milk

We offer superior performance and quality by producing professional solutions in order to get high efficiency in the dairy and food industry.

We establish turnkey Dairy Processing Facilities and farms with the most suitable solutions for your needs, and we provide investment consultancy and engineering services in this process.

With our MİLKOL brand, we produce machinery and equipment for the dairy and food sector by using domestic and national resources. Milking machines, milk cooling tanks, milk transport storage tanks, milk processing equipment, pasteurizers and equipment required for the production of dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt are produced. We are establishing a turnkey dairy plant. We also establish honey, molasses, confectionery, jam and ice cream production facilities.

We produce food additives with SUPER MAYA and other brands. There are mainly "Yeast, Stabilizers, Emulators and Starter cultures".

With INTEM, we produce industrial hygiene items and equipment for milk processing plants, food plants and farms.

VITALIC feed additives develop products that increase performance and productivity for cattle, sheep, goats and poultry.

We Know the Value of Milk

From R&D to Production

The R&D department is responsible for the management of projects, the demands of the market and the evaluation of research requests from other departments, and periodically evaluates the quality control results. Intervening in production and other departments and executing all activities are among the main responsibilities of this department. It is conducting research on a new product to be developed. Research and trial activities are carried out by trained personnel.


It is responsible for the management of projects, the demands of the market and the evaluation of research demands from other departments, and evaluates and evaluates the quality control results by periodically evaluating the quality control results. It is among its main responsibilities to carry out such activities to interfere with production and other departments. It conducts research and conducts research on a new product to be developed, the creation and testing activities of test studies by trained personnel.


With the establishment of the test and experiment laboratory, R&D conducts production experiments with machinery and equipment with customer experiences and develops the components into the product on the appropriate machinery-equipment.

From R&D to Production

Intermak offers new technologies to its customers in 3 factory buildings with a closed area of ??more than 8.000 m2, with its young and educated staff, R & D studies and following the world technology. Our principle that hasn't changed for years is "Maximum customer satisfaction". Our strong marketing team makes regular customer visits. Our Foreign Trade department exports to more than 30 countries.

Our motto for years has been "Your Assistant in the Dairy and Food Industry". With this principle, we provide maximum customer satisfaction after sales.