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optimizes ruminal fermentation and provides for an improved feed efficiency

With RUMIVITAL® ISF Schaumann Forschung presents an innovative fermentation product to improve the nutrient conversion in the rumen of dairy cows. RUMIVITAL® stimulates the digestion of various carbohydrate fractions in the rumen, especially vegetable fiber and starch fractions. By increasing the ruminal fermentation performance the turnover of nutrients and the feed can be better exploited.

Digestibility of feed ration plays a key role in cattle feeding

The basic of profitable milk production is performance-focused feeding. Depending on the forage quality employed, the digestibility of crude fiber varies greatly in the total ration. Fiber fractions are compared to other crude nutrients less digestible and therefore less accessible.

Digestibility of cell wall carbohydrates

The structure carbohydrates cellulose and hemicellulose (summarized as NDF- and ADF-content) make up the largest share of cell wall, which can only be digested to a certain degree by the ruminant bacteria. The fiber digestion thus plays a key role in feeding.
RUMIVITAL® and RUMIVITAL®i is a unique crude protein rich product, which is obtained by solid fermentation of defined fungus strains. RUMIVITAL® simulates the digestion and fermentation of various carbohydrate fractions in the rumen – concurrently it serves as nutrient medium for rumen bacteria.

Unique fermentation product supports the ruminal turnover of nutrients

Aim of use of RUMIVITAL® and RUMIVITAL®i is the positive influence on the rumen fermentation, to promote degradation of crude fiber and structural substances as well as starch fractions. With the improvement of the fiber digestion higher dry matter and thereby increased energy absorption is expected, which results in an increased feed efficiency.

RUMIVITAL®i – higher performance in rations with high starch and corn content

RUMIVITAL® is designed for feeding based on grass silage, in opposition to RUMIVITAL® is adjusted for rations based on corn silage and high starch contents with high values of non-fiber carbohydrates. RUMIVITAL® i stabilizes additional the pH value in the rumen. Due to the increased surface of cell wall structure are bound more H+ ions a puffer capacity is increased.