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Vitalic Electrocalf

Vitalic Electrocalf is a feed additive developed to compensate for dehydration, electrolyte and acid-base imbalances caused by fluid and electrolyte loss during digestive disorders (diarrhea) in calves and to close the energy deficit.



It contains glucose, glycine, citrate, acetate and propionate agents to support the absorption of sodium (Na+) and water. It balances the fluid lost by diarrhea by increasing net fluid and electrolyte intake with rapid rehydration.


Thanks to the ideal concentration of electrolytes, calves quickly return to their normal electrolyte balance.

A: He has a normal dehydration condition. There is no Decussation between the eyelid and the eyeball.


B: He is severely dehydrated. There is a gap of at least 7-8 mm between the lower eyelid and the eye. Dec. The eye is well collapsed into the orbital pit.


The sodium bicarbonate, Sodium citrate and Sodium acetate buffer system helps to optimize blood pH. Metabolic acidosis is tried to be prevented with a long-term alkanization.


Dextrose provides maximum energy increase with lactose and glycine.


HYDROPHOBIC FIBER STRENGTH: It helps protect the calf against dehydration by reducing the amount of fluid excreted by feces with the natural fibers it contains.




It is very effective in preventing diarrhea caused by crypto (Cryptosporidium parvum). Cryoto parasites are covered with galactosamine in MOS, preventing them from clinging to intestinal tissue.


It has a digestive regulatory effect with a natural probiotic effect.


It contributes to the development of the natural Romanian flora.


Beta glucans have an immune stimulating effect due to their structure.


They play a role in stimulating the immune system by increasing the effectiveness of antibodies by macrophage activation against foreign microbes entering the body.




Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii CNCM I-1079 has different characters and characteristics. It increases intestinal health. It ensures the balance of microbiota.


It creates a natural defense block by activating immune cells. It reduces diarrhea.


CAREFULLY SELECTED PROBIOTIC SUPPORT: Probiotics prevent these pathogens from clinging to the digestive tract by producing certain compounds that can have a toxic effect on pathogenic bacterial species through competitive suppression and binding to the intestinal mucosa earlier than pathogenic microorganisms. They are effective in reducing cases of diarrhea.


Instructions for Use: VITALIC ElectroCALF can be used during digestive disorders in calves (1-7 days). The product is for oral use only.100 g of VITALIC ElectroCALF should be given immediately by mixing it into 2 liters of warm milk or water at a temperature of 35-40 oC. It should be applied 2 times a day.


Safety Instructions: Keep it under 30°C, in a cool and dry place, in an environment where there is no light. The humidity is no more than 12%.

Vitalic Electrocalf