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Vitalic MPG


Purpose of Use


Vitalic MPG has been developed for the prevention of metabolic diseases such as ketosis and fatty liver in ruminant animals, especially in high-yield dairy cows.




It is an energy drink used in ruminant animals before and after birth.




Due to its glycogenic compounds (Propylene Glycol, Glycerol and propionic acid), it prevents animals from falling into negative energy balance. It provides extra energy to the animal by activating the energy metabolism.


Niacin, which is in the composition of Vitalic MPG, is involved in many mechanisms part of the energy production in the organism and is also effective in milk yield by playing a role in fatty acid and amino acid synthesis.


Niacin has an anticethogenic effect by decreasing NEFA and BHBA levels in the blood and increasing the glucose ratio.


The use of propionate in Vitalic MPG increases the blood glucose level and decreases the BHBA (Beta Hydroxy Butyrate) amount.


It regulates metabolism thanks to group B complex vitamins.


It is an easy-to-use, fast-acting product.




Shake the product well before use. Place it in the mouth of the animal up to the wide part of the bottle and let it drink with the swallowing reflex.


Warnings and Precautions:


Only for animal use.


ATTENTION THIS IS NOT A MEDICINE. It is a feed additive. It is not used for treatment.


Do not drink to animals that do not have a swallowing reflex


Application Methods:


To the cows in transition period or in negative energy balance, it is given 500 ml for 5 days before calving and 500 ml for 5 days after calving as a protective measure against ketosis.


It is recommended to drink 500 ml in every 12 hours in cases of severe energy deficiency.


1.5-2 ml / kg live weight should be adjusted for protection against pregnancy toxemia and ketosis in sheep and goats in the transition period.


Storage Conditions:


Keep it in room temperature.


Do not freeze the product.






Vitalic MPG


Activates the energy metabolism.
Activates the energy metabolism.

In this way, Provides extra energy to the animal.

Prevents falling into negative energy
Prevents falling into negative energy

Glucogenic contents prevents animals from falling into negative energy balance.

Regulates metabolism with B group vitamins.
Regulates metabolism with B group vitamins.

Regulates metabolism with complex vitamins