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Intcip AL 110

Alkaline Single-Stage Detergent For Cycle And Mechanical Treatments.



INTCIP-AL 110 is a special and new formula based on a balanced mixture of alkaline substances, organic sequestrant, dispersion compounds, surfactants with wetting emulsifying and anti-foam action


INTCIP-AL 110 is a single-stage product developed for the removal of organic and mixed residues in milk and diary industries for closed equipments and machines


INTCIP-AL 110 is used to treat cold surfaces (tanks, pipes, etc.) and also for hot surfaces (pasteurisation plate systems, etc.)


INTCIP-AL 110 main characteristics can be listed as follows:


is alkaline and so able to remove organic residues


is rich of sequestrant substances and so able to remove mixed residues (ex. milk stone); it can be used also in presence of particularly hard waters


contains particular surfactants with anti-foam action allowing use in waste and recover treatments


Single-stage washings, without descaling acid treatment, allows good saves of time, energy, water and work respect to traditional soda/acid process, with consequent reduction of global cost of the same treatment


INTCIP-AL 110 is used also in all mechanical and re-cycle washings, in food and beverage industries, where there are mixed residues


Although the content of caustic substances, INTCIP-AL 110 solutions can be easily rinsed




INTCIP-AL 110 right dosage depends on various elements such as: quality and quantity of milk treated, kind of machine, temperature and time of treatment, water hardness


The right dosage, depends on water hardness, can change from 0,5%-1% for cold surfaces (tanks, pipes, etc.) and 1,5% to 3% for hot surfaces (pasteurisation plate systems, etc.)


Washing temperature is usually 50-60°C and in case of pasteurisation systems of 75-85°C


When possible an automatic dosage of the product is advisable using the proper concentration control systems




Appearance : liquid light yellow, no smell


pH (1%) : 13


Specific weight (at 20°C) : 1,200 g/ml


Compounds : hydroxide sodium, organic sequestrant, dispersion compounds, non ionic surfactants


INTCIP-AL 110 is a very concentrated mixture of active principles; the product, pure, could suffer frost If kept at temperatures inferior to 0°C

Intcip AL 110