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Milk Receiving Unit

Closed balance tank suck milk by created vacuum
Vacuum is formed in balance tank and milk lifted and partally takes some smell
Send by centrifugal pump to Plate heat exchanger (cooling or heating), clarifier or direct to the storage tank
Correct calculation of received amount of milk by tank milk meter device,
Reception process simple by automatic option,
Fast discharge for tank
This happens because the system works under vacuum not with gravity

Thanks to the vacuum created in the closed balance tank, it allows the milk to be sucked from the tankers.

Vacuum; It is formed in the balance tank and provides aeration of the milk and partially removing the negative odours in it.

It is sent to the plate heat exchanger (cooling or heating), to the clarifier or directly to the storage tank by means of a centrifugal pump.

Accurate calculation of the amount of milk taken from the tanks to the measuring device, Simplification of the intake process with the Automatic option, it provides quickness during the emptying of the tankers. This happens because the system operates under vacuum, not with gravity.

Milk Receiving Unit