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Cleaning Separator: Somatic cells, blood clots, leukocytes, some microorganisms, protein pellets rich in bacteria and other pollution factors that cannot be removed by rough cleaning are effectively purified by the clarification process. The purpose of the cleaning separators is to ensure uninterrupted separation of solids from milk with high efficiency.

Cream Separator: It provides separation of fat molecules in milk. It standardizes the fat ratio of milk to the desired value. The purpose of cream separators is to ensure uninterrupted removal of cream from milk with high efficiency.


Self-cleaning designed for automatic CIP integration

Manual valve for internal manual back pressure control and milk fat standardization in cream separators

Stainless steel production





Capacity (lt/h): 5t 10t and 15t capacity

Net Volume (lt): 13

Solid Discharge Volume (lt): 5.5

Maximum Drum Speed (rpm): 7700

Motor Power (kW): 11kW, 15kW and 18.5 kW

Length x Width x Height (mm): 2400 x 1300 x 2000

Applicable Fields: Milk Cleaning