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Active Iodine-Based Teat Protective Gel

Method of use: It is applied directly to the cow's udder with an immersion cup or another container, wraps around the udder in a layer of iodine-colored film and preserves the udder until the next milking. It is easily cleaned before milking.




Prevents mastitis.


Thanks to the allantoin it contains, it heals redness and cracks that occur in the breast.


It contains glycerin and coconut mesh, which provides tangling in the breast and prevents the skin from drying out.


The effect continues until the next milking.


User Group: (For specialized personnel, general public, industry). Be sure to read the label and prospectus before using it. Keep away from children, food and animal feed. Do not inhale vapors or particles. Use a mask, protective clothing, gloves and glasses during the application and preparation phase. Do not eat, drink, or smoke anything during the application and preparation phase. To avoid risks to human and environmental health, follow the instructions for use.


Method of disposal of empty packaging: Dispose of it properly. IN CASE OF POISONING, PLEASE CALL THE PHONE NUMBER 114 OF THE NATIONAL POISON INFORMATION CENTER (UZEM).


Considerations to be taken when using and storing the product:


Keep it in a cool and dry place away from foodstuffs, animal feed and their containers.

Keep away from direct light and heat.

Close the product cover tightly after each use.

Do not make contact with your skin and eyes.

At the least possible contamination, wash the dishes with plenty of soap and water.


Risk statement and description hazard statements:


P273 Avoid release into the environment. P305 + P351 + p338 in case of eye contact: Rinse carefully with water for a few minutes. If it is attached and easy to do, remove the contact lenses. Keep rinsing. P333 + P313 If there is skin irritation: Seek medical attention/intervention. P363 Wash contaminated clothing before reuse. Dispose of P501 Empty containers in accordance with the waste management regulation, published in the Official Gazette dated 02.04.2015 and numbered 29314, in accordance with the provisions.