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Sparkling Cleaning Liquid with Active Iodine Before Milking

Method of use: The product is taken directly into the immersion container without diluting. The immersion container is squeezed several times to ensure the formation of foam on the container. Then, for example, the nozzle is immersed in this foam. wait for about 10 seconds and the foam is thoroughly cleaned with a disposable paper towel.


Method of disposal of empty packaging: Dispose of it properly. IN CASE OF POISONING, PLEASE CALL THE PHONE NUMBER 114 OF THE NATIONAL POISON INFORMATION CENTER (UZEM).


Considerations to be taken when using and storing the product:


Keep it in a cool and dry place away from foodstuffs, animal feed and their containers.


Keep away from direct light and heat.


Close the product cover tightly after each use.


Do not make contact with your skin and eyes.


At the least possible contamination, wash the dishes with plenty of soap and water.