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Vitalic Vitamix Eco

Vitamin Mineral Premix


Developed to meet the vitamin and mineral needs of dairy livestock.


Provide the daily vitamin and mineral requirements of dairy livestock.

Increases the appetite of animals with its odor and flavoring aroma

Mycotoxin metabolites may pass into the food chain through milk and eggs and threatening human health. Important for human health.

Supports the immune system and connective tissue formation thanks to its trace elements.


Supports digestion, increases feed efficiency and increases milk and fattening performance with live yeast contents.

When used regularly, VITALIC VITAMIX helps to regulate the rumen microflora.

Supports the immune system and connective tissue formation with its trace elements and B group vitamins.

Vitamix Eco:

Reduces the problems in animal performance against mycotoxin contaminations from feed or raw material origin with toxin binder contents.


Use by adding 10 kg to 1 ton of milk fattening feed.

Dairy cows or beef livestock by adding

100 g to feed daily

For sheep’s and goats by adding 10-15 g to the Daily feed.

Vitalic Vitamix Eco